Beautifully echoed acoustics, sounds bouncing from high to low range, intoxicating all those receiving these verbal cues. Song has been such an empowering form of expression for all societies in history. What does it mean to me?

I am from a family of musicians, my father; an amazing percussionist, keyboardist, guitarist, sister; floor bass, flute, other sister; trumpet, brother; percussion, and myself; percussion. Indeed music has been a massive influence on my entire existence. There is nothing quite like our contemporary sense of music. But what type of message is our undeserving support of crappy artists who are portraying feelings of hatred, violence, and drug abuse reflect onto society?

With television networks like MTV glamorizing artists more than the actual art, it is interesting to observe how mainstream attention has shifted focus from what we hear, to what we see. This is apparent everywhere, mostly social media. Social media used to be compiled of voiced opinions, written text, intelligent forms of discussion. Now, it is full of useless multimedia links to keep your attention for 15 seconds or less until it is time to move onto the next.

Much like social media has changed, so has our appreciation of music. We have massively devalued the importance of the actual art, while shifting much of our focus onto what we immediately see. A more tangible example rooted in music is our hyperactive “artists” constantly dishing out terribly remixed mainstream pop songs into the trashiest electronic mix-over you can imagine hearing. This hurts music. I am all for creative expression and wanting to create music for all to enjoy, but remixes of songs thrown together in a night with little to no musical creativity and meaningful expression simply brings all of music down.

I may seem narcissistic but music is my passion. The point I am trying to convey is that we need to stop glamorizing shitty production, shitty people, and shitty music.


One thought on “For the EDM Manic

  1. specifically in regards to edm the “shitty” production or quality / content of the music helps lighten the mood or atmosphere its being played in. they go for a feeling that many people recognize. that’s why I believe so many mainstream songs are remixed to death. but I mean youre familiar with percussion so you realize the beat is important especially in electro dance, which gives life and rhythm to the listener in that environment. these type of sonics are made for a carefree setting and letting loose, wouldn’t say its an everyday listen but it can be. and youre probably well aware of the talented edm artists out ther but you gotta appreciate some hype nonsense every once in a while refer to lil yatchy else its become too serious when its really just music

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